Not Just Tech: The Vast Landscape of Untapped Markets in Need of UX

User Experience has been gaining ground, carving out its place at companies through the creation of new job titles and entirely new departments. This rise to the top has been long awaited by many. UX is the key ingredient for a business to sustainable and evolving success. So why is it that UX is only becoming a big deal within tech-centric companies?

Humanity is made up of users, clients, patients, guests and patrons who experience things every day — and yet almost all industries are not hiring for UX roles. In 2013, The Documentary Channel put out a piece on trends in UI, Interaction, & Experience Design. At the end of the documentary, experts speculated on how UX would evolve to incorporate the mundane, non-digital world. Now it’s over two years later and we haven’t seen much traction. The longstanding industries that create the world around us still haven’t embraced UX.

Other industries are in need of adopting a serious UX focus.

There is a large void that businesses aren’t filling. Although every company has varied titles that handle leadership, finances, administration, sales, development, and marketing; there is another role that needs to be adopted into this group of essential personnel. UX professionals fill the gaps between all other positions within a company. They ensure that output is relevant and successful. Below are just a few of the endless industries that will flourish once they buy into UX.


UX’s application to the service industry has the potential to connect services not just to users, but to relevant products as well. A streamlined interaction between AC unit, new homeowner, and technician or hairdresser, busy mom, and shampoo would be revolutionary in making the mundane a pleasantly thought-free experience.


The jobs to be done are ever present for public transportation, interstate highways, trains, airplanes, trucking and every other way to get from point A to point B. When an industry is so ubiquitous, it is alarming that there is no user experience influence behind it to ensure that it adapts well with the changing society that relies on it.


But there are so many more benefits that would happen if hospital networks added in house UX departments to study and improve their systems internally. UX would help optimize the relationship between the network of stakeholders: doctors, nurses, patients, caretakers, EMTs, etc. UX could create clarity and cohesion between a patient’s insurance, hospital, and pharmacy.

UX will help broaden and improve our digital world.

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