9 Components of a Thoughtful UX Design Process

A simple list of what to include for every project.

Allison Milchling
2 min readJul 11, 2016


Take stock of the current state of the project by discussing an initial concept or by completing an heuristic evaluation of what already exists.

Understand the expectations and definition of success from the internal team so that business goals are met.

Get to know who makes up the target audience, understand their jobs to be done, and develop user personas.

Review the good and bad ways in which pain points are being addressed and learn how to be a part of the industry environment.

Strategically organize information into a navigable and unified structure with site maps and user flows.

Prioritize each piece of content and corresponding goals, creating a low fidelity layout for each screen.

Through high fidelity wireframing, transform structural layouts into delightful and easy experiences using web standard best practices.

Ensure the designs will hold up in real life by validating each decision through testing on real humans.

User experience is a constant practice! Continue to meet the needs of a dynamic user base through user feedback analysis, testing, and product updates.